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What is a virtual assistant?  A virtual assistant is identical to the Senior Administrative Assistant/Executive Assistant within an organization.  While administrative and executive assistants provide professional administrative, technical and/or creative assistance to their supervisors; virtual assistants provide the same services but remotely and on a contractual basis.

I, Paulina Weeden am a virtual assistant.  As you review my resume below, you will notice that I have been providing administrative assisting services for 10+ years.  I love what I do!  Providing the services required to help an organization achieve a goal is a great accomplishment.

How does virtual assisting work?  Easily!  Anything that can be done remotely, will be executed.  For example; powerpoint presentations, scheduling, calendar maintenance, meeting coordination, electronic file sharing and file maintenance via google docs and/or sharepoint, etc. are all possible when working remotely. 


What about communication?  I am available via mobile phone, email, and skype.  We can communicate either on a weekly basis, or as much as  necessary.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a 'contact me" form. Feel free to send me a message for more information.